[Race] 3rd place in SWCS event!

I'm proud to say that EDAM was on the podium at the 2nd race of the SWCS (Southwest Championship Series) held in Rendon, TX USA. Sponsored driver Matthew Akkola finished 3rd in a grueling A-main, against Serpent team drivers along with some Mugen drivers as well. Matthew turned not only the fastest single lap of the entire event, he captured the highest average laptimes as well, which only can mean he was consistent with his EDAM RazorV2.
Matthew had this to say," I feel extremely confident with the Razor. It reacts well to change in set-up and is obviously a potential winner at any given time! I just want to say thanks to EDAM for providing me with a great car and fantastic support!"

The SWCS is a southern USA series that travels across Texas to do battle, containing most nitro on-road classes including the new IGT class. The SWCS averages 50-75 entries per race and has class sponsors. The next race is in Houston, TX USA in April."

~~Event report by Matthew Akkola