Announcement--New Exclusive Distributor For Germany

It is our previlliage to announce our exclusive distributor for Germany. LMI Racing will be carrying both our RTR version and also kit version of 1/8 on road cars. Friends from Germany, please contact LMI Racing for any needs. We trust LMI Racing will be glad to serve you. You may link to http://www.lmi-racing.com/ to find out more.

Receiving Award

Our winner decides to have Kit and after one week's time, he finally got his hands on the prize. EDAM wishes to congradulate him again and thanks to all participants in this event. Enjoy your kit, Javier!


Announcement of the WINNER!

Although a bit behind schedule, We are so glad to announce the the 1st prize winner is Mr. Javier Laureano. Many voted for the Photo 1 painter and still it is the Photo 3 that is winning the out nunmber votes. We therefore are here to announce the winner is Mr. Javier Laureano. And Mr. David Bain comes in 2nd. All the 3 paitners will be contacted to send in their address so that the prize will be sent accordingly. We would like to thank all the painters who have pitch in their works and also the voters who have took the trouble in voting.


EXER In action