This is the RAZOR in kit box. Easy for hand carry.
Hobbyist needs to buy Transmitter, Receiver, Lxan Paint, Fuel, Glow Plug HEater, Starter Box, Micro Servos , Receiver Battery on his own. Also avaliable in EDAM are option parts such as, Rear 'QC Azles Shaft, Aluminum Radio Tray Mount, 7075 Aluminum Front Shock Tower, 7075 Aluminum Middle Layshaft Mount, Aluminum Rear Sway Bar Mount, Aluminum Engine Mount Brace, 7075 Aluminum Rear SHock Tower, 7075 Aluminum one-piece Engine Mount, Aluminum Brake Lever, Caron Fiber Battery Tray Skirt, Front Universal Joint Set, Polished Hand-made Turned Pipe.

Front View Of Razor

This is the RAZOR, bare (without cover), in full frontal.

Isn't this baby lovely?

Side View of the RAZOR

This is the side view of RAZOR.1/8 on Road Car that proudly presented by EDAM. This Pro kit is more robust than the RTR version is for the material used on various parts. Any entery level racers who wish to upgrade their RAZOR from RTR to Pro needs only to replace parts and accessories. Contact EDAM or your local dealer for how you could improve the performance in a racing standard.

RAZOR Pro Kit--Feastures and Data

The green and red strip standing out from the basically white body of RAZOR is the basic paint work for EDAM. Racers could have up to 7 colors of LOLA avaliable. Contact EDAM or your local dealer to know more...

  • 7075 T6 Machined and lightened Aluminum Chassis
  • Carbon Fiber Radio Tray
  • Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Shock Towers
  • Threaded Aluminum SHocks
  • Centax-style adjustable clutch
  • 125cc flip-top fuel tank splashguard
  • Front and Rear Adjustable Sway Bars
  • Hardened Spring Steel Dogbones
  • Hardened Steel Quick-Change Axles, Front and rear
  • One-Way Bearing Front Axle
  • Low Friction Belts
  • Lightweight 2-shoe 2 speed unit
  • Ball bearing side Belt Tensioner
  • Full Sealed ball Bearing Set

Length without body: 440mm

Trad Front/Rear: 216.7mm/202.5mm

Width: 262mm

Wheelbase:min 288mm/Max. 300mm

Touring Body Options-Yellow/Orange/Blue/Red/White

All the above colors aer avaliable including clear Lola Body for hobbyists to do his/her own paint work.