New! Team Trolley!

This troleey is made foldable to 51x20x28cm. Easy to put away while not in use and yet durable and compact to put all needed tools and gear for a race. Consists of 3 big drawers inside, unlike all the others that are made with paper cardboard, this trolley is having all drawers made of plastic material for its durability. Check today with your local stores!


Schuitmaker Face Challenge, Place At 2rd In VG Modelbouw Cup

It is not a big race. There aren't many racers. But don't let it convince you that 2nd place (same lap with 1st place) is less in performance. In order to test Spirit even further, Ruud takes Spirit to a home track of another brand racers. Without knowledge of the track, not much time for fine tunning and setup, Ruud rush in to the race all for testing how the Spirit could go under the circumstances. Ruud is satisfied. Given the condition, Spirit is doing quite well. Good for you, Ruud. Many people would just sit at the top of the crown and scare of losing it. Your spirit to take on challanges like that matches exactly what Spirit is standing for!

Ruud Schuitmaker Setup Sheet For Lelystad Circuit


Kristof Sielaff Takes Home The Champion Trophy!

To those who knows Kristof will not be surprised at all that he wins any Championship. However, for Spirit, it is his first appearance in a Muncter Club Race. And under Kris's magic hands, Spirit is able to demonstrate itself in front of all drivers with style. Congratulation, Kris!


Welcome Kikorlan To Be Our Distributor For Spain

It is our pleasure to announce today that Kikorlan S.C. will be our distributor in Spain. Kikorlan is a new company but with over 10 years of expereince in RC car racing. We trust with the passion and expereince over the eyars, they will be able to service our customers in Spain. We are excited to have this opportunity to work with the company.


XLNT Racing Appointed As Edam Distributor In Sweden

Looking up from a south Pacific island, Sweden is way too far to reach. However, Spirit plays a part in this and brings Edam and XLNT together. We hope with the assistance of XLNT Racing, hobbyists in Sweden could also get the chance to know Spirit and Edam. Thank you, XLNT Racing.


Edam's Commitment to All Edam Friends!

Dear Edam Friends,

It is our policy that distributor all over the world must be able to support local hobbyists with adequate parts supplies. Please contact us anytime, if you are not getting feedback and or service from your local distributor. We will take immediate action to make sure your needs are satisfied.

Sincerely yours,
Edam Racing


Distributor Announcement!

Just Hobby, a renown racing track club and a well known hobby shop will now carry Edam's cars in their line of supplies to hobbyists in Singapore. We welcome Just Hobby and all Singaporean Hobbyists to be part of Edam World! It is our pleasure and honor to have Just Hobby working side by side with us!

Just Hobby
200, Turf Club Road #01-03, Turf city (Bukit Timah), Singapore 287994
TEL:+65 68531987 FAX:+65 68531097


Ruud Takes Spirit To Champ-BENELUX CUP 1/8 & 1/10 IC Track

It is only matter of time for Ruud to bring trophy home with Spirit. Here is the prove! On a fine day, in a beautiful track, with by standers cheering, Ruud proudly show the world himself and also the Spirit! Congratualtion, Ruud!


Steven Cornell, Young But Promising Driver From Australia

Steven is a young Edam cars driver from Australia. He had driven other brand names before and now he stays with Edam.

Steven did well in Winter Champ 2009 with Spirit. He is only 18 and have been starting to race for the past 2 years.

He said, I was always competitive in tourer but always seemed to have a problem and not finish. Then he gets a Spirit.

The first run he took with Edam cars was the winter champs 2009. "I ran 2 practice heats 3 qualifiers and a 30 min A main with no problems except for in the main were I got off to a great start and lead for the first 15 laps"

When he was asked how he feels about JPM Racing Team, Steven told us this, " I get great support from JPM racing, they always have the parts I need and always updating me with upgrades or other parts EDAM releases"

In final, he got 5th place. Not bad for a young driver with only a few practice with the Spirit. We expect to see a lot of him around either with Spirit or with Razor.

When he was asked if there is anything he wants to add to it, he tell us this:"I just want to say that the EDAM spirit will do very well and am excited to be a part of it. Also I ran the car straight out of the box with only a couple of setup tweaks at the winter champs and the car was dialed and very consistent. I had many drivers of various other car brands come and check out my EDAM spirit and I can’t wait to get into 1/8th with the EDAM RAZOR."

We hear you, Steven. we also can't wait to see how you perform with Razor. Keep it going. We expect to see a lot of you in the race track. :-)


Deutsche Meisterschaft VG1:8, 9 Juli-12 July 2009

Starting from 9th of July till 12th, at AMC Hildescheim, there is German Open for 1/8 scale On Road. For more detail, please go to http://amc.nx9-webscreation.de/

AMC Hildescheim is a very beautiful track and we wish all the drivers will have a wonderful time there! Special encouragement to Team Edam drivers! Be there and have fun!

A True Beauty!

This is obsolutly a beatuy. One of the Edam Cars owner send us this cute babe and we could not hide it from you. Honestly, this one really looks cute!

Sticker For Dodge STratus EFRA2031 Body


Gold/Silver Radio Plate For Spirit, Limited Edition Only

Spirits Lands at 4th, 5th, 7th, 12th and 32th In Winter Champs

Seeing so many spirits in one pro class race, this has to be the first time ever in any track. Although, we foresee there will be many re-occurance of such phenomenon. Taking down the positions of 4th, 5th, 7th, 12th and 32th, this spirit is now being SEEN!


JPM Racing Brings Heat to 2009 Racing Lines Winter Champs

Nothing stops Edam drivers from having fun and warming up the SORMCC with Spirits and Razors flying all over the track. While other countries are toasted under the sun, Australian drivers are heating up the raceway with passion for speed. The new car in the club, Spirit espeically open many eyes. That night, many drivers and by standers are going home to goolge for 'Spirit' and 'Edam'.


A Star Is Born, Ruud Brings Breeze Into Summer Of 2009

Many heads have turned. Ruud assures everyone who witness the race, this will not be the best he could do but the beginning of the best. With the passion derives within Ruud, Spirit 980 has never looked more like a star in the land of Tulips. Finally, there is breeze in the hot summer of 2009.