Steven Cornell, Young But Promising Driver From Australia

Steven is a young Edam cars driver from Australia. He had driven other brand names before and now he stays with Edam.

Steven did well in Winter Champ 2009 with Spirit. He is only 18 and have been starting to race for the past 2 years.

He said, I was always competitive in tourer but always seemed to have a problem and not finish. Then he gets a Spirit.

The first run he took with Edam cars was the winter champs 2009. "I ran 2 practice heats 3 qualifiers and a 30 min A main with no problems except for in the main were I got off to a great start and lead for the first 15 laps"

When he was asked how he feels about JPM Racing Team, Steven told us this, " I get great support from JPM racing, they always have the parts I need and always updating me with upgrades or other parts EDAM releases"

In final, he got 5th place. Not bad for a young driver with only a few practice with the Spirit. We expect to see a lot of him around either with Spirit or with Razor.

When he was asked if there is anything he wants to add to it, he tell us this:"I just want to say that the EDAM spirit will do very well and am excited to be a part of it. Also I ran the car straight out of the box with only a couple of setup tweaks at the winter champs and the car was dialed and very consistent. I had many drivers of various other car brands come and check out my EDAM spirit and I can’t wait to get into 1/8th with the EDAM RAZOR."

We hear you, Steven. we also can't wait to see how you perform with Razor. Keep it going. We expect to see a lot of you in the race track. :-)