[HOT] WOW! EDAM was beaten by a Korean driver with 141km/hr record!

Congrat to Mr.InMo Kang winning trolley bag!

Mr. Kang was formerly a BMW mechanic.He has won good records in several races in Korea and Asian events such as Tamiya Cup!


[HOT] First test drive of Espirit by Japanese driver

Enjoy the video of the first test drive for Espirit by our Japanese driver :)



[Practical] Overdrive Calculator!

Ever been confused by the calculation of gear ratio?

Thanks to EDAM's German Driver: Stefan Reith,
we got a tool to save your time and effot!
Simply press the button on the rigth upper corner of our home page. Then you'll see this

Both 1/8 Razor2 and 1/10 Spirit are available!


German Magazine review for EDAM Spirit 986!

Basing on the exactly same design of Spirit pro kit, 986 includes tires, transmitter, engine, pipe, servo, and body shell! It's actually a SUPER COMBO instead of normal RTR!! You could hop up the car directly into racing car or transform the body mount into Lola style!



[NEW] Hop-up parts for 1/10 nitro Spirit!

SA00125 Short Pivot Ball (fits Espirit too!) SA00133 Long Pivot Ball (fits Espirit too!)

SAE0250 Rear Diff. Gear Joint Cup (fits Espirit too!)

SAE0260 Front Diff Gear Joint Cup (fits Espirit too!)

SH00144 Front Hub (fits Espirit too!)

SH00634 Rear Bulkhead Bracket

26.55g less if you hop-up these parts on Spirit!


Human & Motors Inc become EDAM's exclusive distributor in Korea!

Congratulation to EDAM fans!

Now you can meet EDAM in Korea.

Human & Motors. INC. is now our exclusive distributor in Korea. Welcome contact them for enquiry.

Address: 2nd Fl. Digitalmind Bldg, 663-17, Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, SEOUL, KOREA

E-mail: info@artrc.net

Web: www.artrc.net

Tel: + 82 (2) 575 4007
Fax: + 82 (2) 576 5010


Korean driver challenged EDAM's 131km/hr record

Welcome challenge our 131km/hr record!
Espirit drivers around the world attention

Who breaks our record could win a Trolley Bag!
Let's be bolder and think out of the box.
Espirit can take the strongest power beyond your imagaination.

Have fun!



EDAM available in Iran!

Congratuation to Persian Paya Noor Co.! EDAM is now available in Iran. Iranian drivers please contact them for our products

Persian Paya Noor Co.
8th Floor, No. 55, Western Hoveyzeh St., Northern Sohrevardi Ave., Tehran, Iran.
Tel: 009821- 88547280
FaX: 009821- 88547281


[Race] RCTC EDAM Team Wins The Race in Greece!

Great weekend for the Edam team supported by RCTC with 3 drivers to the A main. Vlachopoulos Tasos dominate the TQ with Edam spirit and Edam tires. The setup was perfect and all was ready for the final. Tasos have had a bad start but after 8 minutes he was the leader of the race thanks to the speed of spirit and finally win the race. Great success for Ferlachidis Gabriel with spirit982, he took the second position overall with a very small gap. The 2 cars was the fastest of the day with great laps and finally 1st and 2nd position. Edam team wins supported by RC THESSALONIKI CLUB!


[NEW] Preview of "Wind Craft" 200mm body shells of Espirit

Basing on the concept of "Wind Craft"design,

EDAM is going to release a new body combining delicate, fashion, and confidence in one.

It realizes the beauty of "Fluidic Sculpture", presenting a powerful feast of visual.


[HOT] New Video of Espirit

Super Fast 1:10 EP on-road car: EDAM Espirit!

It has reached 131km/hr at the 80m linear acceleration!

Try it on your own to break our record!



[Driver] Welcome Matthew Akkola join EDAM team

Welcome Matthew Akkola from USA joining EDAM Team!


ENNERWEE MAM T2 become EDAM dealer in Luxemburg

Good News for drivers in Luxemberg!
EDAM products are now availble in your nearby area. Go check out our Espirit in the shop! There's surprise waiting for you :


Phone: 00352 621 74 67 02/ 00352 691 79 57 69/ 00352 370059

Email: info@ennerweemamt2.lu


2011 Italy "San Lazzaro Trophy"

EDAM 1:10 nitro Spirit winning 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at the "San Lazzaro Trophy" in Italy on November 2rd :D

[HOT] EDAM Espirit on Japanese magazine introduction

EDAM 1:10 Espirit on Japanese Magazine Introduction.

We've test last Thursday with a speed gun and found out that Espirit could reach 131km/hr! The testing video will be uploaded soon :)))


2011 Australian National On Road Titles


The National title this year was held at Lilydale in Victoria between the 20th -23rd October.There were 3 classes run.1/10 Protourer, 1/10 pullstart and 1/8 onroad.The event was run on AARCMCC rules.Wednesday and Thursday were practice days. Friday and Saturday qualifiers and Sunday finals. In the pullstart class 7 of the 8 cars were Edams with 6 of the 7 running RB rotostart motors. href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-jpWNcjSZ-Jo/Tt3rvJo0bzI/AAAAAAAAHMc/RxlKECkzHzI/s1600/AU20111103-1.jpg">
During practice the top performers were Ben Dunn and Joe Patane.

Due to rain only one qualifying round was run on the Friday, with Joe Patane winning on 28laps and Adrian Avram second on 24 laps and Ben Dunn came third after damaging his car.With rain persisting on the Saturday only a second round of qualifying was run.

Joe Patane was leading heading towards 30lap but with a minute to go a rock dislodged between the rear diff and the bulkhead totaling destroying the differential. Ben took the win on 27laps but this was no enough to take TQ from Joe Patane who did 28 laps in round 1.

The pullstart was the first fInal of the day and was 30 min duration.Joe Patane lead for the first 7laps but on lap 8 Ben took the lead.With 9 minutes to go Ben Dunn’s car slowed down due to a rear belt problem and Joe Patane took the lead in lap 63 and was never headed to the finish.

Joe Patane came 1st first on 85laps Ben Dunn 2nd on 83laps and Stuart Tipping 3rd on 76 laps. 1st & 2nd Edam with RB rotostart.12 and 3rd Edam /Nova Rossi.

Great result for the Edam Spirit and RB motors.Every competitor running with an Edam and RB motor managed the finish the 30 minute final.Great proof of the reliability of the RB rotostart motor and the Edam 980 Spirit .


[HOT] Completed Look of Espirit

Naming of Espirit
Inheriting the prominence of EDAM’s 1/10 nitro on road car: Spirit, this unique 1:10 Electric car excels the glory of his predecessor and outstands in the EP world. The high compatibility of spare parts allows nitro drivers to entry electric category with ease while retaining the speed and max power of nitro cars.Skull
First sight on the Espirit box, an unusual look of a skull catches your eye. The skull symbolizes the spirit of drivers, implying the personality of rebellious and resistance to convention and authority.

Feather Headdress
In many Native American cultures, bonnets full of feathers are worn by chiefs. It is not a decoration that could be bought. Every single feather is earned through hardship, loyalty and strength. Similarly, an Espirit warrior will earn his feathers with truly brave acts he did.

Wings of Eagle
Because of the stunning look of gliding and the ferocious characteristic, eagle has long been used in seal and coat of arms as the symbol of empire and royalty in the history. Therefore, the wings of eagle are designed with an expectation that every Espirit driver is courageous enough to build up his own empire in the unlimited class and the EP world.

In a word, Espirit is hereby presented to drivers who dare to challenge the established rules and win his glorious empire through diligence and honorable acts.


Extremely Eye-Catching Hotty: Espirit

The Video of

EDAM 1/10 EP Car: Espirit!

Check it out now!


[NEW] Espirit Preview !

1:10 On-Road Electric Car

Espirit- Super for Unlimited Class

The Legend goes on
EDAM cars have been regarded as the top-quality and best value for money products on the market since its establishment in 2007. With a fruitful racing achievement and innovative developments, EDAM is glad to release its 1: 10 EP car: Espirit !!!
A high-quality and smart design aims to offer you affordable luxury and most joy. The Espirit retains the speed and toughness of a nitro car, becoming an unprecedented Max Power EP car. Espirit could accommodate 11.1V, 3.5T motors, which is SUPER to run in the Unlimited Class. Want to “go green” while enjoying the violent ambiance of speed? Espirit is definitely your best choice!

Gear Differential:
The Espirit is equipped with gear differential, which is better for drivers who are fond of the excitement of speed (could be even faster than a 1:8 nitro on-road car!) Gear diff saves you time and effort from frequent maintenance when the diff is properly built. The gear diff also provides stability for cars when entering a turn. In addition, it increases the car to on-power steering which is necessary on most types of tracks.

Linear Steering System:The linear steering system creates easy and flawless adjustment. Ackermann could be adjusted simply by changing the position of a screw! Such steering system enables you to drive Esprit with ease and keeps the car sharp while under absolute control.

Pivot Ball Suspension System (PBS):
With the pivot ball suspension system, you could adjust the caster, toe-in, toe-out, and camber directly without the need of any remove. PBS makes your adjustment simpler and more accurate.

Battery Holder:
The front and rear eccentric design of battery holder could grip battery packs of different size. In addition, the powerful magic felt tape holds the battery tightly to prevent the batteries from moving while racing and crashes.

Narrow Chassis:
The design of Espirit features the extremely narrow chassis, which fits well for LiPo batteries. All the electronics are placed into the centerline to display the perfect balance of weight distribution and weight transfer. The chassis is 84mm wide and machined from premium 2.5mm graphite material.

Front Anti-Roll Bars:
The Espirit contains standardrear anti-roll bars and shovel type front anti-roll bars, allowing easier and more precise adjustment

GP into EP Compatibility:
Basing on the nitro Spirit platform, the tuning of Espirit is similar to those of nitro Spirit. Easily adaptable for nitro drivers who would like to try entering into the electric touring world.

VDS Body Mount:
Distinctive from other 1:10 EP Cars, the rear body mount of Espirit could be mounted with both VDS style bodies (touring style optional). Says who electric car has to be in touring shape? What’s the hot issue this season? Definitely Espirit!!!!

Radio system (transmitter and receiver)
Steering ServoMotorPinion & Spur gearBattery PackSpeed controller (ESC)Charger1/10 scale body shell (190-220mm)Wheel

WIDTH : Adjustable 190~200MMMAX 220MM (change tire)
HEIGHT : Front 5MM/ Rear 5.5MM
PINION GEAR : 48P: 20-24T (64P:26-32T)
SPUR GEAR : 48P: 89T (64P:119T)


New Rear Anti-roll Bar Optional Set Available!

Ever bothered by the shaky rear anti-roll bar of your beloved EDAM Spirit?
Still fixing the bar by screwing a chock-a-block, which increases the weight of car?
Here comes the brilliant optional sets to stabilize the rear anti-roll bar without increasing the weight while enhancing the agility!!!: ST00120 New Anti-Roll Bar Sets
The bar could revolves without shaking from left to right!