[HOT] Completed Look of Espirit

Naming of Espirit
Inheriting the prominence of EDAM’s 1/10 nitro on road car: Spirit, this unique 1:10 Electric car excels the glory of his predecessor and outstands in the EP world. The high compatibility of spare parts allows nitro drivers to entry electric category with ease while retaining the speed and max power of nitro cars.Skull
First sight on the Espirit box, an unusual look of a skull catches your eye. The skull symbolizes the spirit of drivers, implying the personality of rebellious and resistance to convention and authority.

Feather Headdress
In many Native American cultures, bonnets full of feathers are worn by chiefs. It is not a decoration that could be bought. Every single feather is earned through hardship, loyalty and strength. Similarly, an Espirit warrior will earn his feathers with truly brave acts he did.

Wings of Eagle
Because of the stunning look of gliding and the ferocious characteristic, eagle has long been used in seal and coat of arms as the symbol of empire and royalty in the history. Therefore, the wings of eagle are designed with an expectation that every Espirit driver is courageous enough to build up his own empire in the unlimited class and the EP world.

In a word, Espirit is hereby presented to drivers who dare to challenge the established rules and win his glorious empire through diligence and honorable acts.