[Race] EDAM won 2nd place in the KLIRCC Opening Race!

To celebrate the opening of KLIRC Ciucuit (Kuala Lumpur), an international race was held yesterday. Top drivers from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore all particiated in the competition.Thanks to M Shah, EDAM's awesome driver from Malaysia, we won the 2nd place!

Bravo M Shah!!!!


[Race] Congrats to EDAM drivers in Malaysia, Italy and Spain!

With the spring coming, races around the world are getting started.

The first good news in 2012 comes from Malaysia!!!MShah Ipoh won the National Champ with EDAM Spirit.
And then, Alessandro Balboni from Italy won the "Trofeo Enneti" with EDAM Spirit as well!!
This is just the beginning. EDAM will move on and keep having fun with hobbyists around the globe!


EDAM Espirit on Dutch M-auto magazine!

Attention EDAM friends from Netherlands and Belgium!!There's a great review of EDAM Espirit on M-auto magazine in the latest issue.Detail introduction is revealed in the article about this car.Let's hit the road this spring with this 1/8 nitro killer :)))))))http://www.m-auto.nl/