[Race] 3rd place in SWCS event!

I'm proud to say that EDAM was on the podium at the 2nd race of the SWCS (Southwest Championship Series) held in Rendon, TX USA. Sponsored driver Matthew Akkola finished 3rd in a grueling A-main, against Serpent team drivers along with some Mugen drivers as well. Matthew turned not only the fastest single lap of the entire event, he captured the highest average laptimes as well, which only can mean he was consistent with his EDAM RazorV2.
Matthew had this to say," I feel extremely confident with the Razor. It reacts well to change in set-up and is obviously a potential winner at any given time! I just want to say thanks to EDAM for providing me with a great car and fantastic support!"

The SWCS is a southern USA series that travels across Texas to do battle, containing most nitro on-road classes including the new IGT class. The SWCS averages 50-75 entries per race and has class sponsors. The next race is in Houston, TX USA in April."

~~Event report by Matthew Akkola


[Race] EDAM won 2nd place in the KLIRCC Opening Race!

To celebrate the opening of KLIRC Ciucuit (Kuala Lumpur), an international race was held yesterday. Top drivers from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore all particiated in the competition.Thanks to M Shah, EDAM's awesome driver from Malaysia, we won the 2nd place!

Bravo M Shah!!!!


[Race] Congrats to EDAM drivers in Malaysia, Italy and Spain!

With the spring coming, races around the world are getting started.

The first good news in 2012 comes from Malaysia!!!MShah Ipoh won the National Champ with EDAM Spirit.
And then, Alessandro Balboni from Italy won the "Trofeo Enneti" with EDAM Spirit as well!!
This is just the beginning. EDAM will move on and keep having fun with hobbyists around the globe!


EDAM Espirit on Dutch M-auto magazine!

Attention EDAM friends from Netherlands and Belgium!!There's a great review of EDAM Espirit on M-auto magazine in the latest issue.Detail introduction is revealed in the article about this car.Let's hit the road this spring with this 1/8 nitro killer :)))))))http://www.m-auto.nl/


[HOT] 2012 EDAM Trophy!

Spring is coming! Let's hit the road in 2012 EDAM Trophy.Welcome hobbyists come having fun on March 31th to April 1st.
The event is going to be held at the fantasic track called "Minicar Fiorano" in Italy, which locates in the same city of Ferrari factory!!

For registration, please email: info@sabattinicars.com


[NEW] Spirit & Esprit Solid Axle Adapter

Introduction quoted from RedRC:

"Edam release a new optional part for the Spirit and Esprit 1/10 scale on-road cars in the form of this solid axle adapter. The insert turns the gear differential into a solid axle for those who prefer to use a front one way and a spool rear axle. Best suited for high-grip surfaces as the conversion provides stability, a more linear acceleration and also saves some weight over the stock gear differential."


[HOT] Espirit on RC World Magazine

Check it out on RC World Japan Feb. issue for EDAM Espirit!!!


[Race] 2011 PDNR 2.4 hour LE MANS

Race report by Joe Patane

The 2011 2.4 hour Le Mans was an endurance race run by the Penrith District Nitro Racing Club at the Olympic Regatta Centre in Penrith on the 26th November 2011.
As the title denotes it is a grueling race with the winner being the car that is in front after 2.4 hours. For cars to be given a place they have 90 seconds to pass the loop after the winning car has finished. This makes the team mechanics just as important as the drivers.

There is a minimum of 2 drivers per team and driving duties has to be shared amongst all the registered drivers. There were nine teams contesting this enduring event. It was a great test of drivers, machines and pit crews. Quiet a few tires were changed during the race and many teams had multiple receiver batteries to last the distance. To work out the grid position we had a ½ hour qualifier, just before the main event.

JPM Racing sponsored many of the teams, but we also entered a car in the 1/10 open tourer LMP2 class. Team was Joe Patane, Michael Turner, David Patane and Stephen Patane. Our car was an Edam Spirit 981 with a RB TG10 motor. We ran a Blitz Lola body which was painted in the traditional Audi Le Mans color scheme by Michael Turner. After the ½ hour qualifier, Team O(X Ray) followed by Valmorg Racing(Kyosho), BS Racing(Kyosho) and JPM Racing(Edam) was fourth. Great effort for the Edam that was amongst NT1’S ,Kyosho’s and Mugens.

At the start of the race top qualifier Team O got a great start but the biggest mover was JPM Racing who moved from 4th to 2nd .Team O lead throughout the race and was never headed. But the big battle was for 2nd and 3rd which was battled between GFY Racing,Valmorg Racing and JPM Racing. JPM Racing held 3rd spot for most of the race but in lap 100 we moved into second and that’s how we finished. Even though we had 2 runaways due to the receiver battery coming loose, the car did not break and was very fast and reliable over the entire race.


Happy Chinese New Year !!!

Happy Chinese New Year !!!

Our holidays start from Jan.21 ~Jan.29


[HOT] Latest Film of Espirit!

Check it out! The new film of Espirit~~~
Thank you very much for EDAM's Korean distributor
"Human & Motors. Inc"



[NEW] Optional Battery Holder Set for Espirit

EDAM is pleased to introduce a new set of optional battery holder for Espirit.
The set includes:
1) an alu. Alloy backboard
2) a battery strape,
3) a battery frame,
4) the alu washers and the screws needed for the installation.
This optional set helps you stabilizing the battery pack easier and hold the battery tightly to prevent movement while racing and crashes.



[HOT] WOW! EDAM was beaten by a Korean driver with 141km/hr record!

Congrat to Mr.InMo Kang winning trolley bag!

Mr. Kang was formerly a BMW mechanic.He has won good records in several races in Korea and Asian events such as Tamiya Cup!


[HOT] First test drive of Espirit by Japanese driver

Enjoy the video of the first test drive for Espirit by our Japanese driver :)



[Practical] Overdrive Calculator!

Ever been confused by the calculation of gear ratio?

Thanks to EDAM's German Driver: Stefan Reith,
we got a tool to save your time and effot!
Simply press the button on the rigth upper corner of our home page. Then you'll see this

Both 1/8 Razor2 and 1/10 Spirit are available!


German Magazine review for EDAM Spirit 986!

Basing on the exactly same design of Spirit pro kit, 986 includes tires, transmitter, engine, pipe, servo, and body shell! It's actually a SUPER COMBO instead of normal RTR!! You could hop up the car directly into racing car or transform the body mount into Lola style!



[NEW] Hop-up parts for 1/10 nitro Spirit!

SA00125 Short Pivot Ball (fits Espirit too!) SA00133 Long Pivot Ball (fits Espirit too!)

SAE0250 Rear Diff. Gear Joint Cup (fits Espirit too!)

SAE0260 Front Diff Gear Joint Cup (fits Espirit too!)

SH00144 Front Hub (fits Espirit too!)

SH00634 Rear Bulkhead Bracket

26.55g less if you hop-up these parts on Spirit!


Human & Motors Inc become EDAM's exclusive distributor in Korea!

Congratulation to EDAM fans!

Now you can meet EDAM in Korea.

Human & Motors. INC. is now our exclusive distributor in Korea. Welcome contact them for enquiry.

Address: 2nd Fl. Digitalmind Bldg, 663-17, Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, SEOUL, KOREA

E-mail: info@artrc.net

Web: www.artrc.net

Tel: + 82 (2) 575 4007
Fax: + 82 (2) 576 5010


Korean driver challenged EDAM's 131km/hr record

Welcome challenge our 131km/hr record!
Espirit drivers around the world attention

Who breaks our record could win a Trolley Bag!
Let's be bolder and think out of the box.
Espirit can take the strongest power beyond your imagaination.

Have fun!