Steve Cornell Positioned 3rd in PDNR 2009 Challenge

This young driver did it again. Through constant challenge and practices, he is positioned 3rd in PDNR 2009 Challenge Open Class. Great work, Steve!


Trevor Hodges Take Down PDNR Challenge Kit Class In August 23/23 Race

With 2 Edams and 6 Kyosho in the A final, Trevor boldly put himself in the top final and finally takes down the first place in the race (Kit Class). Following by the fellow Edam driver, Barry Gavin as 2nd place. Too bad that we don't have the photos of the trophy taken together with drivers at the moment. We are posting here only the result so that all of you could join us in congratulating Trevor and Barry!

Good work, Trevor and Barry!


Rene Cornella Joins Team Edam

The name 'Rene Cornella' goes without saying in Europe. Team Edam is honor to have Rene Cornella working with us. It is with this believe that Rene Cornella could help bring Razor and Spirit up to an even higher level that Edam is open the arms wide to Rene. We believe you, Rene. And, thank you for believing EDAM. We are thrill to have you!

Luigi Claims Open Nomac Champion 2009 Finally!

The 5th Race out of 6 races in Open Nomac Champion 2009, Luigi won again last week. Accumulating all the races result, Luigi is finally claim the position as the Champion in Open Nomac Champion 2009.
According to Luigi, in Saterday's practice, the humidity was bad. Even though it was a problem, it effected not just Luigi but also all the racers. So, Luigi was not at all intimatated.

On Sunday the first qualification, Luigi was good, he has setted the pace with a pole time 19 round in 5.04 in the second. In the third qualification the time was even better. Luigi were top qualifier in 19 round 5.01, secend driver was 19 rounds in 5.04. At that time, Luigi knew that the main final will be tough.

In the main final, 'I was quick but the No. 2 was right on my tail', said Luigi.
After eleven minutes. Luigi made a mistake. The Razor body touches the ground and the second driver catch up with him. Now Luigi was following behind. Luigi keeps on chasing after and finally the other driver made his share of mistake also. And that one was a major mistake, the car crashed. This made Luigi No. 1 again.
Speak frankly, our blood was boil up just by listening to Luigi's descriptions of the race. Race forward and Fear Nothing.

Excellent, Luigi! You did it again. We are now looking forward to your next race.


Setup Sheet For Razor-Provided By Luigi

Upgraded Fuel Tank For Spirit Now!

There is 2nd generation of the fuel tank now. With so many inputs from our drivers and also from hobbyists all over the world, this fuel tank is now avaliable in the hobby store near you. We want to thank all the hobbyists and drivers who have helped to develop this. Without your patronage, this product will not be materialised. Thank you.


Luigi Takes First Place In Dutch Open Nomac Championship (4th race) W/Razor

Picture here shown is Luigi and his lovely wife (help fueling) and the cute helper who help did it. Luigi drives both 1/8 and 1/10. He had also been in Luxsembourg Championship in July 12. Due to the engine problem, he could only manage to finish the final with the 7th position. Most importantly, he has the Spirit for only 12 days at that time. Now, with the Razor (1/8), Luigi has sucessfully win the 4th race of a totally 6races in Open Nomac Championship. Luigi, congratulation! What you have shown is the Spirit that all of us admired. Keep it going!

JPM Racing, EDAM's Official Distributor For Australia


Tracking System Link To Edam Blog

Spirit Custom Built, 980 Spirit RTR RB Avaliable Worldwide!

Inspired by JPM racing, our Australian Distributor, this Spirit is built and comes with RBV12 Rotostart .12 motor, ED-101 muffler. Tires, shell and radio are optional. For a special offer, entry level of hobbyists or hobbyists without much time could easily enjoy the speed. Check out your local hobby shop today for the car! Enjoy Now The Fun Of RC Cars!


Litar RC Gone Badak, Team Edam Takes Home 3rd And 7th!

In the recent competition took place in Terengganu in Malayisa (31th July 2009), LKH Racing/Team Edam performs well and bring back home the 3rd and 7th position. Straight out of box, and without much ado to the car, Spirit 982's performance made a lot of heads turn.