[HOT] WOW! EDAM was beaten by a Korean driver with 141km/hr record!

Congrat to Mr.InMo Kang winning trolley bag!

Mr. Kang was formerly a BMW mechanic.He has won good records in several races in Korea and Asian events such as Tamiya Cup!


[HOT] First test drive of Espirit by Japanese driver

Enjoy the video of the first test drive for Espirit by our Japanese driver :)



[Practical] Overdrive Calculator!

Ever been confused by the calculation of gear ratio?

Thanks to EDAM's German Driver: Stefan Reith,
we got a tool to save your time and effot!
Simply press the button on the rigth upper corner of our home page. Then you'll see this

Both 1/8 Razor2 and 1/10 Spirit are available!


German Magazine review for EDAM Spirit 986!

Basing on the exactly same design of Spirit pro kit, 986 includes tires, transmitter, engine, pipe, servo, and body shell! It's actually a SUPER COMBO instead of normal RTR!! You could hop up the car directly into racing car or transform the body mount into Lola style!



[NEW] Hop-up parts for 1/10 nitro Spirit!

SA00125 Short Pivot Ball (fits Espirit too!) SA00133 Long Pivot Ball (fits Espirit too!)

SAE0250 Rear Diff. Gear Joint Cup (fits Espirit too!)

SAE0260 Front Diff Gear Joint Cup (fits Espirit too!)

SH00144 Front Hub (fits Espirit too!)

SH00634 Rear Bulkhead Bracket

26.55g less if you hop-up these parts on Spirit!


Human & Motors Inc become EDAM's exclusive distributor in Korea!

Congratulation to EDAM fans!

Now you can meet EDAM in Korea.

Human & Motors. INC. is now our exclusive distributor in Korea. Welcome contact them for enquiry.

Address: 2nd Fl. Digitalmind Bldg, 663-17, Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, SEOUL, KOREA

E-mail: info@artrc.net

Web: www.artrc.net

Tel: + 82 (2) 575 4007
Fax: + 82 (2) 576 5010


Korean driver challenged EDAM's 131km/hr record

Welcome challenge our 131km/hr record!
Espirit drivers around the world attention

Who breaks our record could win a Trolley Bag!
Let's be bolder and think out of the box.
Espirit can take the strongest power beyond your imagaination.

Have fun!



EDAM available in Iran!

Congratuation to Persian Paya Noor Co.! EDAM is now available in Iran. Iranian drivers please contact them for our products

Persian Paya Noor Co.
8th Floor, No. 55, Western Hoveyzeh St., Northern Sohrevardi Ave., Tehran, Iran.
Tel: 009821- 88547280
FaX: 009821- 88547281