Christopher Biernat, Team Edam, LMI Racing

If you ever wonder how good is Christopher can drive, check out this footage and you will know. It surely comes from a lot of practice and passion that makes a driver this good. But of course, the car has to be just as good to make it possible. Good Driving, Chris!


Team Edam German Driver, Thomas Ploeger

Born 1966
Norddeutscher Meister VG 1:10 2006
3. Europameisterschaft VG 1:10 2007
This gentleman will race with Spirit soon in the track near you. Watch Out! Here comes Thomas!


New Color Printed 1/8 RTR Body Introduced

Four different color scheme of 1/8 Touring Car Body available now in the store near you. Please click the photo to link to our pages for the parts and accessories.


Michael Bimbaum, Elite Racer of Team Edam German

Born 1965. This gentelman shows you what is the meaning of passion and persistant. This is the true spirit of Team Edam. You Try, Try and Try to make it even better!
2000 1 Platz Norddeutscher Meiseter HPI Stock Challenge
2003 3. Platz Deutsche Meisterschaft HPI Stock Challenge
2001 12. Platz Weltmeisterschaft HPI Stock Challenge
2001 12. Platz Europameisterschaft HPI Stock Chalenge
2007 1. Platz Norddeutscher Meister HPI Stock Challenge
2008 1. Platz Norddeutscher Meister HPI PRO Challenge


Another Promising Star From German, Timo Schroeder

Born 1994, this young man shows us what it means to be passionate about racing.

Deutscher Juniorenmeister 2008, VG8, Klasse 2 Norddeutscher Juniorenmeister 2008, VG8, Klasse 2
3. Platz Deutscher Juniorenmeister 2007, VG8 KL.2 Deutscher Vize-Juniorenmeister 2006, VG8 KL.2

Uprising Star Of German Team Edam, Bjorn Moehring

It may not be fair to say Bjorn Moehring is Uprising Star for he has already won the first place in Edlauf Nord VG8 Munster. We think he will be even better this year. Go for it! Bjorn, show the world what you can do!


Cars & Details Brining You The EXER!

Read More Detail From http://www.cars-and-details.de/ or Get Your Copy Of the Magazine From Local News Stand!


Special Feature Of Spirit 980

Message From EFRA Regarding 1/10 Track Rule

Dear Friends,

The rule clarification of the 7 minute heat mandatory fuel stop has caused some commotion.This was clearly not the intention.

At the AGM section meeting, we assumed that, in normal conditions, 7 minutes without a fuel stop, could not be done.This subject was not talked about in depth.

So I believed the clarification was done in the interest of the sport, to avoid drivers leaning out the engines to reach the 7 minutes.

However, to avoid precedents in the future, we have to follow the rule as it was minuted at the AGM.

So it is necessary to cancel that clarification.We do hope drivers will use common sense, not to destroy engines by trying to go for 7 minutes without re-fuelling.

As EFRA 1/10th IC Track section chairman, I apologise for any confusion caused.

Best Regards,
Franky Noens
EFRA Chairman 1/10th IC Trac