Upcoming 1/10 RTR

Are you look forward our new Spirit986 RTR RC car??
Coming Soon


2nd position in Sarawak Open Challenge Cup 2009

According the result that they have done a great job as the 2nd position after 5 hours racing at Sarawak Malaysia on the date 13, 12, 2009.
Congratulations!! Team LKH Marshall!!


1/10 on road exhaust pipe with nano coating

Based with ceramic coating that gives better heat extraction ability, nano finishing coating provides dust resistance ability and enhance the strength up to HRC 70~75 for best thrusting performance!


Excellent Malta Racer

Excellent Malta Racer in IRMCC. His name is Henry Portelli

Kristof Sielaff Positioned 2th in Munster Clubchampionship

Nothing stops Edam drivers from having fun.
One of LMI drivers,Kristof Sielaff, who get an excellent position in his last races in Munster Club championship. Good work, Kristof Sielaff, Thank you
Let us giving him lots of applauds.



From EFRA : http://www.efra.ws/news/index.htm


Join us!!

Welcome to the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg!

EDAM is here!


Edam have facebook!


Edam have facebook, we can chat on it.
see you later!!

ID: service@edam.com.tw


UPCOMING!! Electric Powered RC CAR!!

Are you look forward our Electric Powered RC car??




Team V-neck top , NEW!



Size avaliable up to XXXL.


Jessy Takes Spirit Into 2009 AARCMCC IC Nationals 1:10 Pro Tourer

Edam is really excited to have Jessy driving Spirit. Jessy is ranked among the top list in Australia RC On Road Racing. Now, with his skillful hands, he has beautifully presented Spirit in Australia National Race. It is such a shame that the mother nature didn't help out, had it not because of the rain, Jessy could have had brought Spirit to the top of the list. This is how we believe in Spirit and Jessy. Good work, Jessy! Thank you.

JPM big sucess in 2009 AARCMCC IC Nationals 1:10 Pull Start Tourer

We really have to give our Australia Drivers A big hug. Like a mud slide, JPM Racing Team flying all over the track with Edam's Spirit Pull Start Tourer. Had it not because of the rain, There will be planty Spirits in the final list. Hereunder are some photos taken by team friends and the A Main Pull Start Final list from the race. Drivers, Let us giving them lots of applauds.


Team Polo Shirt, NEW!

Size avaliable up to XXXL.

Spirit On Battery! NEW!

Following the great sucess of GP Spirit, here come the EP Spirit. Edam is now offering 2 types of EP Spirit. One with one speed and one with 2 speed. Each type is supported by different fans. Check out the avalibility with your local store now!


SB0032 Trolley Bag

This Trolley Bag is made of durable fabric and in the size of 51(L)x44.5(H)x28(W)cm. It is design to be foldable for store away and shipping. When folded, the size is 51x20x8cm. There are 2 wheels at the bottom and one handle for pulling. Extra shoulder strap is also attached. With 3 big drawers inside, it is designed to accomandates all you need to be on the road to race track for competition.


Spanish Manual Now!

We have now Spanish Instruction Manual for both Razor and Spirit. It is free for download from http://www.edamhobby.com/ or write to service@edam.com.tw for sending you the electronic file.

SB00040 Alu. Rear Damper Tower (Spirit)

SB00010 Alu. Front Damper Tower